The practice of law is multi-faceted. Family law, business law, maritime law, property law, personal injury law, and estate planning are just a few areas of law that might quickly come to mind. Each one of these areas may require additional education in law school and continuing education after law school.

Can you imagine one attorney being great at all of these? It’s practically impossible.

In the same way that doctors specialize in certain areas, attorneys do the same thing. Would you want a dermatologist performing your heart surgery? No indeed! In the same way, it would not be advisable to ask a maritime attorney to handle a divorce.

In my practice, I’ve chosen to specialize in personal injury cases and also wills and estates administration. I chose to become an attorney to help people, and these are the areas that I can help the most. I can help you with other simple legal matters, but I have the most experience with personal injury cases and estate planning.

As a reminder, I am licensed in Louisiana and Mississippi. I am also fluent in Spanish.

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