“I can take on the insurance company myself!” No, you can’t and here’s why.

Sally got into a minor car accident. Another driver hit her from behind. The other driver wasn’t speeding, no one was hurt, and the damage appeared to be minor. The other driver, let’s call him Joe, was fully insured. Joe’s insurance company wanted to give Sally a check for $1000 and call it a day. Sally was ecstatic! She had $1000 staring her in the face and she didn’t even feel the need to repair her car.

Luckily, Sally didn’t cash that check. Sally spoke to attorney who advised her to refuse the check and open up a claim. Sally quickly sought medical attention to be sure nothing was wrong, but she learned that there was some soft tissue damage to her neck which would require ongoing therapy.  Sally also learned that her car was damaged more than she thought it was and the damage was in excess of $3000.  Sally also had to miss work, rent a car, and have her daily routine disrupted on more than one occasion. That $1000 looks far less appealing now, doesn’t it?

With the help of an attorney, Sally was awarded $22,000. All of the bills relating to the accident were covered and Sally received additional compensation for her pain and suffering.  Without an attorney, it is doubtful that Sally would’ve gotten such a settlement.

What’s the moral of our story? The moral is that the insurance company wants to close its open cases as quickly as possible. They want to pay you off and move on. Don’t let the insurance company prey upon you because they want to close an open file.  Insurance companies have teams of attorneys at their disposal, every day, all day. You should have representation, too. You need an experienced attorney who will work to get everything that you deserve.

Mrs. Rodriguez has extensive experience in this area. She’s settled a multitude of cases for her clients and made insurance companies pay what is owed. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, please call our office immediately. We want to help.

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