The short answer is yes, it can.

3 tips for safer driving:

1. Leave early to get to your destination. Traffic patterns are very unpredictable right now. Some people are nervous on the road and others are speeding because they are happy to be out. Give yourself extra time.

2. Be sure to get your car serviced if needed. Even if you haven’t been driving much, it’s important to check the air in the tires and check the oil. A properly maintained vehicle is more reliable and safer than one that isn’t.

3. If you are in traffic and an emergency vehicle is trying to get through, get out of the way. The law dictates that we pull over to the right and stop. Most of us don’t do that. Our first responders work hard to serve our community; make their job easier by letting them pass.

Above all, be careful out there. A safety-first mentality will keep us all safer.
If you are in an accident, call our office right away. There’s a good chance we can help.

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