A personal note from Sarah:

You and your family need uninsured motorist coverage.

Chances are you will be involved in a car accident in your lifetime. More than likely, you will be in more than one accident. On average, you will likely have three car accidents in your lifetime. Parents, did you know that 43% of first year drivers are involved in a car accident?

Unfortunately, this accident could cause you serious bodily injury.

In early January, an uninsured driver ran two red lights and totaled my vehicle. I am thankful that God protected me. I am thankful that I only fractured my right wrist and forearm. I am also thankful that along with God‘s protection, I have good health insurance and good car insurance that will take care of every need that I will have.

Get a quote. I guarantee the extra money you will spend each month will be worth it.

Simply having liability coverage is not enough.

By the way, did you know that if you were involved in an accident in Louisiana that is not your fault, but you don’t  at least have liability insurance coverage, that you cannot recover for your injuries against the at fault driver?

Please protect yourself and your family by getting this additional coverage.

If you need the name of an insurance agent, please let me know. I’ll be happy to refer you to a qualified professional.

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